Ernest E. Cornish

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director

Unit Production Manager 

     Vers. 2019.6

Completed 101 and 110

                                                                                                ​​ Film & TV Experience

Background actor, HBO Corporate Video, HBO LA

Production Assistant, Eerie Anecdotes: The Noseless Man,  Wilsa Productions

Background Actor, NCIS, CBS Studios

Unit Production Manager, Sex Shame and Tears, AFI Production                                                                

Production Assistant, DVD and Chill, First Flock Pictures                                                                                                    

Production Assistant, Take Two, AFI Production                                                                                                        

Production Assistant, Origin,  Short Film, Seawolf Cinema                                                                                     

2nd AD, Dr. Scotty’s Intergalactic Motel and Cafe/ Web Series                                                                       

Editor/Actor, Proof of God. Short Film, Mammoth Pictures                                                                                

Production Assistant, Michael and Michael Are Gay/ YouTube Web Series                                               

Unit Production Manager, Marriage Material/ AFI / Feature Musical *Nominated for Academy Award Best Short 2019   (See Clip)                                                 

Assistant Coordinator, Festival de Mexico, Cinépolis                                                                                              

Director/Co-Writer/Co-Editor, HIV Today One Man’s Journey/ Documentary                                       
Camera A: Sony FDR-AX53 4K; Edited using AVID; Premiere; Adobe Audition

1st Assistant Director,Sleepover/ Short Film                                                                                
Manager of set; Movie Magic Scheduling; organized pre-production meetings & production paperwork      

1st Assistant Director, Reconnect/ Short Film                                                                                
Manager of set; Movie Magic Scheduling; organized pre-production meetings & production paperwork

2nd 2nd, Devoir/ Short Film                                                                                                            
Ensured cast was taken to set on time and directed background talent 

Producer, Shadow of Kindness / Documentary                                                                                
Camera A: Cannon EOS C200; location agreement forms; all paperwork organization 
Cinematographer, The One/ Short Film                                                                             
Camera A: Blackmagic Ursa         
Key PA, In Memorium/ Short Film                                                                                                  
In charge of breaks for all PAs; radio sign out and in  

Still Photographer, One Final Moment / Short Film                                                                           
Camera A: Cannon EOS 5, Basecamp organization

Set PA, Hidden/ Short Film                                                                                                          

Grip PA, Seven Minutes/ Short Film                                                                                              
Worked with G-N-E on set lighting  

                                                                                  Broadcast / Live Experience

Lighting, Audio, stangehand, Saban Theater , Beverly Hills, CA

Stagehand, Interact Theatre Company, Los Angeles, CA                                                                                      

Intern, Broadcast Production I & II Courses, Full Sail University                                                                      
Technical Director: Dan Patrick “Sportscasting Workshop: Highlight Reading with the Pros” Full Sail Hall of Fame Presentation, using Carbonite switcher, 02/18
Camera A: Sony HDC 1000
Camera B: Jib – Sony 730S
Camera C: Sony XDCAM field camera, Sony MFS-2000 multi format switcher system; ION lighting control System; Calrec brio 36 audio; RTS KP-32 Coms; Black Magic Express; Chyron Hego 8.8
Set up and teardown of BP1 and BP2 labs, daily check list (lights, inventory, rewraps of cables, cleaning)
Assisted lab groups with troubleshooting on broadcast equipment during labs

Various Roles, Full Sail on Tour, Live Events                                                                                                                
Stage Manager:
Clients include: Women of AT&T; Edward Jones; Orange County Fire Rescue; Full Sail University Behind the Scenes Show
Placed Sennheiser lav mics; show breakdowns & green room stocking 

Broadcast Engineer:             
Full Sail University Monthly Graduation Ceremonies (broadcast worldwide) using Venue D-Show Software Version 2.8.1

Camera Operator:                                                                                                                
Full Sail University monthly graduation ceremonies; Full Sail University Behind the Scenes Show using Sony Powethhad FXI

UPM - Marrige Material

Saban Theater