Ernest E. Cornish

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director

Unit Production Manager 

     Vers. 2019.6

Completed 101 and 110

    Ernest E. Cornish for thirteen plus years has worked in a manager role, from 1st Assistant Manager, General Manager, and yes even Executive Director title in his resume. That is why today he fits in to the roles of 1st Assistant Director and Unit Production Manager. With experience of both title credits shows his ability to understand time management is a crucial element to your movie set or tv show. The understanding that time is money, he runs your movie set or tv set with ease and efficiency. 
           He understands the latest Movie Magic software and owns it, adapts to all paperwork with a stroke of a pen. Safety is 100% key to any set and he makes it a priority for everyone on set and off. With the understanding of editing his communication with he DP and Director are flawless. 
           Cornish today lives in Downtown Los Angeles, CA after graduating from Full Sail University that he is a very proud Alumni member. Mentored by Larry D. Katz in the AD Department and served in an internship role for two years in Live productions as a Stage Manager and Broadcast TV as a Technical Director. 

           Cornish enjoys documentaries, activism work for those of the LGBTQ Community and people living with HIV/AIDS ending the stigma one person at a time.

            He is a very easy going and very caring person to all people and does not judge ones ability of doing a job. He is an asset to any film set or TV set, passing him by would be a great loss to your cast and crew.